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By schooling, fish are able to use each other’s energy to move forward more quickly and easily. Your organization’s data can work the same way.

Enterprise Content Management. Information, made usable.

Information is what keeps your business moving. It is the culmination of all of your people's experience, and the source by which you operate. But in today's world of information overload, how can you maximize the benefits of managing your collective information? How can every last detail be stored, and easily retrieved to your advantage?

The key lies in Enterprise Content Management, also called ECM. We at Document Access Systems define ECM as a technology solution that manages the "unstructured content" within an organization. Unstructured content includes the documents outside of your organization's line of business systems — paper, office documents, faxes, emails, attachments, video and voice files. By enabling ECM, we maximize the organization's ability to capture, distribute, access, store and preserve all forms of documents resulting in cost reductions and more
efficient processes.

Document Access Systems (DAS) is a nationally recognized, award-winning provider that has successfully implemented nearly 300 ECM solutions since 1991.

Our technologies include:

  • Electronic document management
  • Electronic document imaging
  • Electronic forms management
  • Business process management (Workflow)
  • Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD)
  • Data extraction via OCR/ICR
  • Image enabling your line of business systems

Our company's goals are to help you lower costs, increase productivity and reduce risk in your business. Once all of your information is in sync, your entire team has access to information to make better decisions, right when it matters most.